Our mission

Mission of CESThe Caspian Engineers Society (CES), non-profit organisation, is founded on the principle of developing “Engineering Culture” across the Caspian region. It is our mission to develop engineers professionally, support regional industry by introducing world class experience and technology, and offer an engineering network.

Further, we aim to promote engineering awareness among the public that will drive our `Be Engineer ` movement and spark the interest of young generation in engineering

Our main objectives are:

  • Develop regional engineering network to share knowledge and experience
  • Bridge between management and engineering community within companies
  • Develop cooperation between science and industrial organisations in the region
  • Bring international engineering standards to the region
  • Raise Public awareness in different engineering subjects
  • Increase professional development of local engineers
  • Develop “Be Engineer” philosophy in the region
  • Develop ideas to transform Caspian countries into major  industrial region
  • Provide engineering support to NGOs in the region

Our History:

Everything started in November, 2007, when a group of young engineers came together to discuss some career, education issues and share concerns among each other. Who could imagine that the meeting was ignition, in other words, start point of the Caspian Engineers Society! The first meeting was unofficial, and nobody was expecting anything out of it. However, it was very interesting and meaningful in terms of getting to know different people with very good engineering skills and sharing valuable ideas.

Second, third, fourth…, as consecutive meetings had been held afterwards, the common concern of young engineers is clarified:

Engineering, Science and Technology must be improved in Azerbaijan, generally speaking in Caspian Region. What should be done and what would be a role of young generation in this mission? Enthusiasm shown by young engineers and scientists in order to take a part as volunteers in this challenging mission was the one of the main inspiration of foundation of Caspian Engineers Society (CES)! The society was established as a non-profit organization and aimed to:

  • Support young engineers and scientists to be technically expert in their fields
  • Support industry development in terms of technology and engineering areas
  • Spread out `engineering culture` across the Caspian region etc.

Our success in the past and recognition from the communities give us confidence we are on the right path! Nevertheless, the things have been done so far is a small piece of the cake. We strongly believe that together we will carry out large-scaled projects successfully. In other words, together we will engineer the future!